It is January and that time of year when secondary school students, people thinking of a career change, and those interested in further training, are galvanised by the CAO deadlines in the Republic of Ireland and the UCAS system in Northern Ireland (which has different deadlines!). Here on we usually get a good few emails around this time of year from people looking for information on courses and advice.

Last summer one of our key goals was to update our database of all of the games related courses at levels 6/7 and beyond that are available both in the Republic and Northern Ireland.

Today we are relaunching our database of game related courses. While we still have some formatting work to do, time was ticking so we thought we had better get the info out there. Our database will allow you to search for courses by institution, course name/type and location. There are around 150 courses of different levels here from public and private institutions. Some of these courses are directly designed for those thinking of entering the games industry, others are less directly targeted but offer relevant skills. Thus our database should be a nice complement to the CAO and UCAS databases.

We hope that this helps our members to choose the right path for their career, and institutions with courses that are not listed can contact us to get listed.

We do not endorse one course over another and we rely on colleges, staff and students to update us with changes so always check the course website for updated details before making your final choice.

This is a volunteer effort by members of the community with special assistance from K. Vesikko.

Let us know what you think and if you like it, share it!