9th Impact, a company based in Galway, has released a game on Google Play.

NinjaGo Endless Runner is a fast paced ninja adventure as you jump, slash and somersault through various terrains.  It tests your ninja jumping skills as you soar from branch to branch through the trees of Kuroi Jukai and your battle skills as you use Shuriken (throwing stars) or your Katana (Samurai sword) to fight the giant killer hornets of Yamanakako.

Although the continuous motion and leaderboards based on distance achieved, put this firmly in the endless runner category, there are several unique elements to the game.

Firstly, the controls are “gamer thumbs” layout rather than “swipe” motion which make this infinitely more playable in landscape mode on phones.  The jump button has 3 states – press to jump, press and hold to leap and press while in the air to somersault.

It’s one of those games that you will find yourself coming back to again and again, despite the fact that you’ve higher budget apps downloaded – proving that independent games studios can compete with the dominant players by designing engaging games.

There is clearly a lot of attention paid to the small stuff throughout, with even the marketplace and level select screens beautifully rendered.  The soundtrack is composed and recorded by Keita Takahashi – the only member of the team not based in Ireland.

Download NinjaGo


Featuresninjago app screen

Beautiful 9th Impact graphics.
Original soundtrack by Keita Takanashi.
Run, leap, slash and somersault your way through treacherous terrain.
Battle the killer wasps of Yamanakako and many more enemies.
Use weapons including Shiruken (throwing stars) and Katana (samuri sword)
Access special powers from the Temple of the Dragon


Jungles of Kuroi Jukai (Black Sea of Trees)
The Ruins of Yamanakako
The Neverending Mountain …and more to come.

Record your high score on the leaderboards for each level.

Well done all.