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Pewter Games Studios is a small Irish game development studio based in Dublin and focusing on the creation of unique and memorable story-driven games. Read more about them at

‘The Little Acre’ is coming to PCs and consoles in 2016 and they have been previewing their work recently at Pax south in Texas, USA – ( where companies show games in production to the general public. Check them out in their booth!


pewter at PAX


There is a nice recording of them showing the game and then discussing it via

Watch live video from Twitch on


And what was the reaction like?

Well Christopher Conlan told us ‘it was better than we had hoped! Having total strangers seem genuinely interested and enthusiastic about your game is a great feeling, and receiving comments about the story which showed people picked up on the subtle undertones that we tried to convey was extremely satisfying! I said it before, but overall it’s quite motivating to have that sort of feedback as you’re nearing the finish line’.

Sounds and looks great. Looking forward to the release. They have a nice blog up about their experience at Pax South on their website :