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The Virtual Interactive Research Lab (VIRaL) at TU Dublin is a cutting edge virtual, and augmented, reality research and development environment, in a large dedicated space. The lab serves a number of functions as a research space for postgraduate research, a development space for students on the MSc in Creative Digital Media and the BA in Game Design, and an applied development space for commercial and innovation partnerships with TU Dublin Hothouse. We believe VR and AR technologies have tremendous potential to provide deeply immersive experiences across a variety of fields: digital media, journalism, games development, simulation based medical education, manufacturing, and business. We want to explore innovative, forward thinking solutions to complex problems across these domains, examining how AR and VR technologies can be used to augment, improve, and innovate existing practices and methods.

The Virtual Interaction Research Lab (VIRaL) is looking for a Research Assistant to work on a range of exciting and cutting-edge mixed reality projects for 11 months.

Skills and Qualifications

We are looking for someone with a good mix of

  • Programming skills (C#)
  • 3D modelling/asset design abilities
  • Good understanding and familiarity with Unity
  • Must have an honours qualification in Computer Science, Game Design, or a related discipline.

Preferred skills and experience

  • Experience in developing games/applications in Unity is desirable.

If you want to work in a cutting-edge applied research lab, contact us:

RA for 11 months, at €30,242.00 (per anum), so €27,721.83 for the 11 months


Posted 14/05/2021